Aside from the weight loss I have always had issues going to sleep and getting up in the morning. The weight loss is great but I love that I can now wake up refreshed whereas before I could not get myself out of bed. Tom K. New York

I would like to point out that I have always had insomnia and had trouble sleeping. After only being on the product around a week I noticed a deeper fuller sleep and I had energy the next day. I am definitely looking forward to taking the daytime product You Go lean with this very soon. -Sara S. Texas

This product is amazing! I had an upcoming wedding to attend. I was able to get into my bridesmaid dress easily. When I started taking You Go Lean I noticed I would urinate more. After Googling I found out that the ingredient Dandelion is a diuretic so I easily lost 7 lbs possibly from this ingredient. You should tell your customers not to worry about dandelion and that it helps to literally shed water weight.   Becky E. Arizona

My hunger is gone thanks to You Go Lean. I just wanted to thank you for a great product, my habit was overeating but after taking the pills as directed I didn’t have hunger pangs and could easily control my portions. Brad C. Georgia

Thanks You Go Healthy for a great product this gives me the energy I need during the day without a crash and the benefit of weight loss. I have noticed my clothes are getting bigger so I will need to go shopping soon for clothes. Melissa H. Oregon

I ordered the You Go Lean and the You Go Lean PM and I have never felt better in my life. First off during the day I have a controlled appetite, my energy levels are up and I can focus on my work more. When the evening comes I take the PM and I sleep like a baby in a deep sleep. Keep up the good work! Jason T. Nebraska

Can you lose weight while you sleep? Losing weight has been one hot topic for so long now. It has become habitual to see ads for diet pills spreading across all the newspapers and appearing on your smartphone while you are trying hard to play your game. Below are the customer reviews for You Go Lean Am and YouGo Lean PM products.

After a couple of weeks, the results finally started to gain momentum, I trained five days a week, but I feel like now I burn more calories and sweat more, more energy for exercise, etc.

This reduces my appetite, and I do not crave Sweets More, it's now easier for me to keep a diet. I feel that this product deserves an excellent review!  Delivers results

Used it for about 45 days, and this is the only thing that saved me, working two jobs and trying to find time to stay in shape. No hesitation, no glitches, and I feel more motivated. I will continue to use for the next few months and report.

Sucks I only lost 10 pounds on this. Wanted to lose more.

Something that works! I do notice a difference in stamina when working out. Also, notice it tends to suppress appetite as well. Will buy again!

I notice I don't get as hungry on it.  Don't know if it’s the product but I notice I have really positive dreams with the P.M. I wake up refreshed and get a perfect sleep every time!

Honest, proven ingredients and great customer service!  This product has proven ingredients. Not some diet fad like most products in this category. If you have health issues or a sensitive stomach, You Go Lean AM should be fine for you. It also won't ruin your sleep.

I will buy this again.  This product did increase my stamina and energy level. I noticed a difference right away when I would work out. I HIGHLY recommend this product. Nice to find something that works.

Works!  Seems to work as advertised. Nice to find something that does. Would purchase again without hesitation. Quality, affordable product.

Five Stars!!  Just started last week and I notice I can go all day without an energy drink.

Great customer service and product I am loving this product and have already started losing inches. I feel energetic and not as hungry. This seller gave excellent customer service and was kind enough to send follow-up e-mails.

Stack with You Go Lean PM !! If you take the daytime you must take the PM. The PM will help you fall asleep and stay asleep and wake refreshed!

I've been taking You Go Lean AM with You Go Lean PM for about a week, and I love it so far! I don't feel jittery... I like that it suppresses my appetite and so far I've lost 5lbs+

I use it daily. I would tell anyone to buy both AM/PM, they are cheaper if you buy them together instead of separate.

I just added this to my daily regimen of vitamins. I have not used this long enough to give it a five-star rating and may have to come back and change that later. I am taking this help keep fit and active and will reorder again.


L.O.V.E IT!! I've lost several pounds and inches during my first month, and the energy (without the jitters) and appetite suppressant was just what I needed to get closer to my weight goal. Also, the company reaching out and providing additional instructions on how to take the product for best results was a bonus!

As I said in my previous post, related to the You Go Lean AM.....this is the complement.

I take one capsule 30-45+ minutes before the meal, once in the morning and once again before lunch.

After a few days I started taking two capsules but my stomach for some reason did not like it, so I switch back again to 1 twice a day. Feel much better now, and another thing I like about this product is that makes me go to the bathroom, don't know what it is but now I am regularly going, yay.

Jitteriness is none existence. I have a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus I work out 5-6 times a day (cardio). Can't wait to see the results.  Yes, I do like the product, and I do recommend it.

Capsules are easy to swallow. Just waiting to see results and this takes time. And yes, I plan to buy another bottle and an extra one for my husband. 😉 I like that it's jitter free and the ingredients are FDA Approved ...

Loving You Go Lean PM! I bought this to try it out for energy before hitting the gym.

I like that it's jitter free and the ingredients are pretty clean.

It's a good quality product and is working well for me. I also like that it does suppress my appetite, unlike other products I've tried. If you're looking for some extra energy, give You Go Lean AM a try.

Great Product on it for a few months now!

I just received the You Go Lean AM Fat Burner 2 days ago. I started taking it yesterday. I am looking forward to seeing the results of this product. I have used other Jacked Factory products before. They are high-quality products. I am very pleased with my purchase, and I can't wait to see the results of using this product.

Great product! I love this product. It does not make me feel jittery at all, and I am super sensitive to thermogenic. It curves my appetite. I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking for an appetite suppressant and wants to feel alerted/energized without the jitters and the crash after!

I have only been taking this product for a few ...

I have only been taking this product for a few weeks now. So I do not have many results to include. However, what I did want to note is that this product sticks to its words and it has minimized jitters and headaches which I had from every product I tried before this one. Also, it has cut down my appetite. I'll edit this review later with a realistic score when I finish the 2nd bottle.

I am satisfied, I liked it a lot because I am an older woman and lost weight within the first month.

I am satisfied, I liked it a lot because I am caffeine intolerant and You Go Lean PM does not contain caffeine. I hope to lose some pounds with exercise and diet besides with You Go Lean AM I know it will help me to do it.  I will finish this bottle and buy another one; I will also try to combine it with the You Go Lean AM.

This stuff works! I have been looking for something like this for a while.

This stuff works! I have been looking for a supplement that does what it says it does, and this is the first time it has helped suppress my appetite!

I have incorporated You Go Lean PM with the Day time fat burner You Go Lean and I am pleased with the results. I have energy during the day and sleep easier at night. I can get into my old jeans, and I keep getting compliments on my looks. Jennifer G. Florida  

I take You Go Lean PM probably about 2 hours before bed on an empty stomach. I have noticed I do not have hunger pains and sleep easier. You may want to tell customers to try taking it 2 hours before bedtime because now I don’t wake up hungry or eat food later on. I have lost weight just by doing this. Beth A. California

Excellent Customer Follow up.

I've used the product combined with You Go Lean AM, once daily, for less than a month. While I have noticed a slight definition in the mid section. I have not lost weight. And recently begin taking an additional dose during the day.

As others have mentioned the customer service for the product is excellent. I'm still undecided, however, on the product results from itself.

Great stimulant free fat burner!

You Go Lean AM Fat Burner is a terrific fat burning supplement if you're searching for a stimulant free option.

My husband and I both compete in fitness competitions, and this supplement has helped us lean out in preparation for our next competition. We love that it is caffeine free, as we both drink pre-workout on our training days, and don't want to over-do it on the caffeine consumption.

Would highly recommend this product.

It took a few weeks to get into the system but when it was it worked great, getting ready to order AM/PM again.

It took a few weeks to get into the system but when it did it curves appetite and in the evening which is my downfall of eating and watching tv put a halt to that???? was skeptical of no stimulant in the product but it works!!

They do have wonderful customer service

Looking forward to finding out well this product works, I am on day two but have read some very positive reviews. I will update my post with my results! They do have wonderful customer service!!

Trash I did not feel any extra energy from taking this. I had some of the best naps of my life after I took the PM.  Only ended up taking it for about a week, threw the rest in the trash. Only thing I got from the PM was a good night sleep. Threw it away after 2 weeks.

So far, I'm impressed! I have only been taking this for about a week, but have noticed that my craving for sweets (I'm a sugarholic) is noticeably diminished.

I  feel like I'm getting a boost of energy and it is without the jitters I got when I tried other things.

I like it!  Think it's working! I've tried a lot of these and have had no real noticeable difference using anything that's still legal. But I see something here.

One week in and already a pound down.  No stomach pain or nausea as reported in other reviews but I will admit it certainly does clean you out if you know what I mean, but nothing unmanageable. Can see how those with weaker stomachs might have trouble though. I will be buying again.

Great Product.  Perfect addition to my current workout routine helps keep getting me results that I want to see. I've struggled with weight loss for a while, so it's good to find a product that lives up to its name!

Good, but overall still undecided.

Been using the product for a month now. Only taking 2/day because if I take them at night, I can't sleep. Therefore, I haven't seen some of the results as the other users, but I do feel it curbs my appetite a bit and gives me an increase in energy. Maybe I should try the PM??

Was using with You Go Lean AM and worked great showed weight loss and my appetite was suppressed but ...

Was using with You Go Lean AM and worked great showed weight loss and my appetite was suppressed, it's a more affordable alternative which has shown similar results. So far so good

I've just started taking the product. So far I notice it makes me more alert and awakes especially in the morning right off the bat once I take it.

Zero jitters and I'm sensitive to stimulants. If it produces results, I'll be thrilled.

Great product, great service

I'm stacking You Go Lean PM with You Go Lean AM, and I've had pretty good results over the last 2-3 weeks. I haven't felt any of the appetite suppressant, but I do feel a good energy boost with both products. I have dropped 7 pounds over the past couple weeks with four days/week weight lifting, 3-4 days of cardio, and decent dieting. The pills are very easy to take as well.

You Go Lean PM also provides excellent customer service. They sent me an email full of info on how to get the best results. And another email today asking how my experience has been. It's the best customer service I've gotten from a supplement company.

Must have for new people getting in shape

I've been using You Go Lean PM for about two months now and wow!! What a great product to add to my daily work out routine, I see clear definition in my abs from burning excess fat in my mid section and an all over muscle tone.

Great product. I will be trying more from products from You Go Healthy

This helps decrease my appetite! I haven't been taking it but a few days so I haven't seen much weight loss but I certain I will since I'm eating less!

I truly enjoyed the results that came from using this product. I can't wait to get the same results again using this product, and it's extra thermogenic burn I truly enjoyed the results that came from using this product. I can't wait to get the same results again using this product and the thermogenic burner combined!

Wow! This product is amazing! I can't believe how much more focus, motivation, and energy I have. I'm caffeine sensitive, and this doesn't give me the jitters at all. I actually wanna get things done. And the customer service has been outstanding. I ordered this product and had it the next day. And I was personally contacted by the owner to make sure I was happy. If you are tired all the time, lack motivation and focus, are at a plateau, I highly recommend lean and YouGo Lean AM together. This has changed my life.

Best stim free fat burner on the market.

I ordered You Go Lean Am and You Go Lean PM and decided to use them together by timing the dosage; I took You Go Lean Am in the evening as it was stim free and included ingredients that would suppress my appetite and increase metabolism. While taking You Go Lean PM did not alter my diet and ended up losing 4 lbs over 30 days. I was doing 10-15 minutes of cardio five times a week and lifting 4-6 times a week. The appetite suppressant feature was good and was on par with ephedrine. Would recommend to anyone who is trying to lose a few lbs while increasing their strength or if you are on a cut.